Deep in the mortar box

As always in life, things keep changing. Fourty years ago I started working for the first time. I can feel that I've grown up. In those times, mortar boxes were made out of wood and, currently out of PVC. Cabs by horse or people; they were used to carry materials or tools. Nowadays, vans and trucks are used for the very same purposes. Excavation works were carried out with a pick and shovel, today diggers are used. To cut edges on tiles files were handled, now machines with diamond disks and polishers are meant for it and so on and so forth.

All this big little things make me realize that everything is changing.

Presently, there are tools that help improving any kind of job but the background remains the same: respect, good training, willingness as to improve one day after the other. Regarding this, Regarding this, we transmit to the new generation the legacy and the experience.

Manel Jaen

Master builder